Meet Justin

Justin PerichEver since he was a child, Justin Perich has been a lover of music.

Growing up in Ann Arbor, Michigan certainly had something to do with it–Justin spent his summers attending concerts at venues like the Blind Pig, The Ark, and Hill Auditorium. Early on, he developed a knack for discovering unknown musical talent and knowing in advance who would make it big. From 2003 to 2004, Justin was able to put this skill to good use while working in New York City at GenArt, an arts organization which showcases emerging filmmakers, musicians, fashion designers, and visual artists. While he loves all genres, some of his favorite iconic artists include Bon Dylan, Jack Johnson, Grateful Dead, and the Beatles.


  • Matthew and the Atlas – a band out of London often compared to Mumford & Sons, though these guys are far superior musically and lyrically. Now that Mumford’s taking a hiatus, expect M&TA to blow up big time.
  • Walk The Moon – based out of Cincinnati, this indie pop quartet has been making the talk show circuit with their hit “Anna Sun,” the song of the summer on many a top 10 lists. But don’t underestimate them, WTM is more than just a one hit wonder.
  • High Highs – with their first album, “Open Season,” this Australian indie rock band is earning analogies to Radiohead and Beach House. Their soft but haunting sound isn’t for all occasions, but it’s perfect for evening drives and late night bus rides.
High Highs

High Highs’ debut album is terrific.

Justin Perich later worked at Evergreen Music and Video, an iconic East Village shop which has since closed. As the internet and mp3s continue to put pressure on record stores, Justin remains passionate about the old forms of recording technology. He owns over 3,000 CDs and also maintains an enormous vinyl collection. He once walked fifteen miles in Manhattan in search of a single LP.

After studying Popular Culture at Bowling Green State University, Justin went on to study animation at the New York Film Academy. There he wrote and directed a short film about how the music industry has changed over the years.


Justin Perich’s life goal is to combine his love of music and film by creating a music documentary, in the spirit of Scorsese’s The Last Waltz. The music documentary form is perfectly suited to Justin because it incorporates his skill behind the camera and his innate sense of talent and musicianship.